Monday, September 14, 2009

dispelling myths and changing lives

and yes, I had to Google the word "dispelling" is it two "s"s or is it two "l"s???

So I'm teaching reading intervention during ac lab and I have this small group of four boys. They love to ask irrelevant questions to keep from doing their reading and are the kings of distraction. They're pretty cute though and such sweet young men so I end up enjoying their company rather than feeling exahsted my the amount of times I have to ask them sit down, focus, or get back to work.

Two of the boys are refugees, only here for a year at the most; one from Rwanda and one from Nigeria. They are so funny. There is a spirit about them. They smile real big and ask tons of questions and I am taken my their curiosity and sense of humor. That and they think I am hilarious which helps their case. So today, when we couldn't get our tape players to work for our fluency assignment, Luke asks me about King Kong. Handsen quickly jumps in and starts describing the mammoth-like gorilla. With all sincerity, Luke turns to me and says, "Mrs. Jaeger, is King Kong real?" I laugh at the thought of this and tell him no.

At this point Handsen begins to adimantly argue that indeed King Kong does exist and is real. We Goggle pictures of King Kong and I even show them in Wikipedia that King Kong is fictional. Of course the next request is that we Google all kinds of different monkeys. I figured, what the heck, my lesson was shot due to lack of working batteries, lso why not dispel a few myths.

I've also recently been introduced to the following youtube video thanks to my students. I'm not sure how my life could have went on without this one.

Llama Song - Trust me, it's worth clicking on.

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Bonnie Meyer said...

that video is AWESOME. who would have thought llamas could be so entertaining?